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Privacy Statement for DIA Learning

DIA Learning is committed to respecting the privacy of program participants who gain access by a personal identifier that reveals a minimum amount of relevant information (including tracking data and contact information) to record participation. This information will be used for participation in this program and future DIA Learning programs as well as for market research to provide participants with information that may be of interest.

DIA Learning will not sell, rent, or lease identifiable information to others. Unless we have the permission of participants or we are required by law, we will only share personal identifier data within DIA Learning and with partners who are acting on DIA Learning’s behalf.

DIA Learning is committed to protecting the security of identifier information via appropriate safeguard procedures. For example, encryption is used for transmitting sensitive data such as credit card information.

By providing identifier information, participants authorize the above uses and release DIA Learning from any liability resulting from the disclosure.

For further inquiries about this privacy policy, please use our Contact Us Page.

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