Customer Service

Customer Service


DIA Learning is committed to providing top-quality service and support promptly. Our support personnel is trained to resolve all program-related technical issues quickly. Recognizing that you are a busy professional, we are committed to give you the Ease of Mind guarantee while working with any of our programs.

Support: 314-567-1634

Our support line gives you access to everything you should need for DIA Learning courses from handling the mundane to tackling the critical issues. By providing all customer services from one source, we can better focus on what you need and make sure we provide it.

No voice mail or automated service

One call takes you directly to a competent, well-trained customer service agent who can help you right away. Immediate prompt customer service is our goal.

We track customer satisfaction - No problem too big or small!

To make sure you receive the best customer service, we use a customized automated tracking system to record all customer service interactions. This system ensures that we're always up to speed on your requests. We make sure that every inquiry or problem is fully resolved in a prompt timely manner.

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