Corporate Profile is a division of Digital Imaging Advancement (DIA) Productions LLC. DIA Productions LLC was born on December 5, 2002. We are a privately held company whose principals are focused on blending the best talent in motion media, academia, and electronic technology, to provide an exciting new, curricular based, concept in learning and knowledge retention.

"Condition Critical: The Ethics of Health Care in America" is the first of a series of unique educational programs being developed by DIA.

In cooperation with Stepstone Productions, and the Center for Health Care Ethics of Saint Louis University, the series of selected programs cover the emerging ethical issues in several categories: scientific breakthroughs and medical care: patient issues in health care: social and organizational issues in health care. The programs are representative of the major areas in which health care ethics discourse occurs today.

We have also invited some of the most nationally prominent experts on each topic to lend their opinions to the ethical discourse

Each topic in turn will contain a library of chapters which will allow the participant to study specific ethical issues in any given topic. The emphasis is on creating a high degree of selectivity for the participant.

The first topic in the series, "Persistent Vegetative State", featuring the nationally publicized Schiavo case in Florida, is titled "To Live or Let Die". Twelve chapters are clustered into several sections: ethical principles, decision making process, professionalism, and legal precedents.

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